"It always seems impossible, until it’s done." - Nelson Mandela

About us

2292055 Ontario Ltd. doing business as “EarthRenew” is a sustainable power-generation company with interests in major markets across Canada.

The Company has the capacity to safely and efficiently produce electricity and is exploring other new and creative revenue generation opportunities in an array of disciplines.


The Company has the unique ability to efficiently produce upwards of 4 Megawatts of power per hour.

Directly connected to the electrical power grid, the Company has proven itself capable of producing and subsequently selling electricity into the Alberta power grid for profit.


The Company is developing cryptocurrency mining operations.

Leveraging our ample supply of low-cost electricity and the country’s inherently cold climate, both needed for efficient mining operations, we are encouraged by the favorable economics and viability of our mining efforts.


“The difference between where you are and where you
want to be, is what you do, and who you do it with.” - Anonymous



President & CEO

Keith Driver has a decades long resume comprised of a unique mix of finance, marketing, technology, engineering and strategic management. Keith holds two degrees in engineering from the University of Guelph and an MBA from the University of Calgary where he also serves as a sessional instructor.




Catherine Stretch has more than 20 years of experience in Canadian capital markets and has been instrumental in raising money, marketing, investor relations, regulatory compliance, market development and other strategic initiatives. Catherine sits on the boards of both publicly traded and private held companies.



Chief Financial Officer

Ryan Ptolemy holds numerous charter designations in the finance and accounting world and serves as the CFO to many development-stage companies. Ryan has been primarily responsible for financial reporting, budgeting, establishing and ultimately enforcing strict internal controls over his distinguished career.



Operations Manager

Bill Nylen, based at the Company’s power generation facility in Strathmore, AB, was among the Company’s earliest hires. Bill has an unmatched knowledge of the Company’s electrical systems and power generation capabilities and instrumental in the Company’s ongoing evaluation of crypto currency mining opportunities.

The Engine


The Rolls-Royce/Allison 501KB5S is an aero-derivative of the highly successful T-56 engine with millions of hours of service in thousands of installations worldwide. The current engine design is the evolutionary result of continuous improvements since the first release in 1963. This continued product enhancement concept has improved the reliability, performance, power, and efficiency.
The aero-derivative design of the 501-K series engine provides a lightweight, modular product that helps lower operating costs through improved fuel consumption, extended hot section life and ease of maintenance.
Rolls-Royce knows there is more to customer satisfaction than manufacturing a quality gas turbine engine. Beginning with the finest designs, the most advanced manufacturing techniques and rigid verification testing, their team continues to serve the Company with a global network of worldwide support.


Our mining facility is powered by a 4MW turbine. A low-cost and reliable energy source, our electrical supplies can scale and meet the needs of the crypto community.

Our mining facility is strategically located in a cold weather climate which helps reduce energy costs related to equipment cooling and thereby allowing our facility to run at optimal levels.

Thanks to the flexibility of our systems, we’re able to switch between the cryptocurrencies we mine thereby allowing us to maximize our computing power and generate superior returns for our shareholders.